EMA represented at KMA conference

Dr. Tewodros Tsegaye, secretary general of the Ethiopian Medical Association attended the 43rd annual scientific conference of the Kenayan Medical Association in Eldoret, Kenya on April 22, 2015. The theme of the conference was "Towards an effective e-health in Kenya".


At the conference, Dr. Tewodros presented an overview of the EMA sharing with the audience about EMA’s historical background, current areas of focus and what the the association is doing regarding e-health, especially the e-learning aspect of e-health.


The conference was attended by Dr. Margaret Mungherera, former president of World Medical Association, delegates from the Uganda Medical Association and Somaliland Medical Association.


Discussions were held on strengthening the federation of East African medical and dental associations, on having better participation on the WMA council and general assembly meeting and having twining programs with medical associations of developed countries.

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