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The Ethiopian Medical Association (EMA) was established in 1961 to promote professionalism and ethics in the practice of medicine. For almost half a century EMA has kept its members abreast with advances in medicine through the creation of platforms including facilitation of the continual medical education (CMEs) programs and annual medical conferences. Since its establishment, the association has published and disseminated scientific papers through its organ, the Ethiopian Medical Journal (EMJ), contributing to the promotion of health research in Ethiopia.

EMA’s most recent strategic plan, developed in 2009 through the various objectives and plans, envisions to “seeing a healthy nation.” Part of its strategy is to ensure better benefits and rights of its members. This in turn will improve health service delivery and contributes to the overall development of the country.

EMA recognizes that strengthening Continual Professional Development (CPD) activities are critical to keeping the public safety as well as the development of human resources for health. EMA believes that improvement of quality of health care needs to go hand in hand with the government’s expansion plans for health services.

EMA has identified that research, particularly operational research, is an essential means to direct policy and practice. This will be in keeping with the governmental plan to expand and implement health services.

The Ethiopian Government has granted EMA a 5,956 sqm. plot of land in a prime location in front of the AU head quarters.

The association is committed to making sure that the objectives are met to “see a healthy nation.” To this end, EMA intense plan to build a center for coordination and support to this endeavor.

The association plans to build a multi-purpose complex to enable the realization of its mission. EMA aims to fund the construction of the building through equity financing (60% of the cost will be covered by EMA and the balance will be covered through bank loan). 


The EMA House

Over the last decade, Ethiopia has made a considerable stride to meet health indicators of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Despite these notable achievements, there still   remains a considerable work to be done in the area of decreasing child and maternal mortality.

Various research show that improving nutrition and general health result in reducing communicable diseases and increase longevity.

The improvement of health status of Ethiopians should not be left to the government alone. It will require the involvement and contribution of various stakeholders including bilateral and multilateral aid, agencies, embassies, private businesses including health service providers and pharmaceuticals.

EMA seeks to contribute its share,

  • through promotion of the science and art of medicine
  • improve public health services
  • contribute to a high standard of professional ethics
  • promotes professional excellence of members in preventive and curative medicine
  • promote and support medical research
  •  increase intellectual and professional freedom
  • EMA also seeks to provide forum for exchange of professional ideas, knowledge, experience, and technical and professional counsel to the Ministry of Health
  • cultivate professional linkage with other professional associations nationally and internationally
  • Encourage and support the establishment of specialized societies in medicine, as well as monitor the quality of medical services rendered to the public.

To effectively provide these services and contribute its share, EMA considered it necessary to approach various stakeholders.


Your Support Will…

Through the support of various stakeholders, EMA’s ownership of the facility will contribute to a common purpose and health agenda. By supporting EMA House, stakeholders ensure that EMA becomes a self reliant and strong association. Partners will also ensure that a vibrant and dynamic professional association is maintained.

Additionally, EMA provides the platform for all health centered for profit organizations such as pharmaceuticals to contribute their share in developing an efficient health system through the support of EMA’s multipurpose facility.



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