• Membership in the Association shall be open to all registered Medical-Professionals; Ethiopians-residing both at home and abroad provided they subscribe to the objectives of the Association.
  • An Institution/Organization is eligible for membership, provided it subscribes to the objectives, policies and activities of the Association and satisfies such other requirements as the General Assembly may, from time to time determine.


Types of Membership

Membership of the Association shall be divided into the following categories:-

Ordinary membership

  • Those that support the aims and objectives of the Association
  • Those persons with a doctor of Medicine degree and properly registered by the Ministry of Health
  • Sister Associations those who are legally registered as Medical Societies
  • Individuals who subscribe to the aims and objectives of the Association as prescribed in the bye-laws and who are willing to pay annual membership fee. 

Associate Members

  • Associate membership shall be open to Health Scientists, Individuals and Institutions or Organs that are willing to pay annual membership contributions and willing to comply with the objectives and activities of the Association.
  • As used in the Constitution; the term “organization” shall include Corporations, Institutions, and Organizations; Associations, and Group or Partnerships as provided under Article “7.2” herein.

Life Members:

Individuals who have contributed over birr 5.000.- (five thousand birr) annually and who comply with the rules and regulations are “Life Members”.

Honorary Members:

Honorary membership shall be conferred on a person in Ethiopia or abroad who has rendered especially meritorious service to the Medical Science and the Association. The General Assembly may in its absolute discussion confer Honorary Membership as a sign of special recognition, upon any person. Honorary membership shall be declared in the Association’s by-laws.


Membership – Register

The Association shall maintain at the headquarters and branches, standardized membership registers that consist of membership categories and are complete. The membership registers will be updated annually.


Subscription of Membership

The amount of Annual Subscription shall be as determined by the General Assembly from time to time. The subscription shall be payable within 6 (six) months of the budget year and it is for that calendar year within which it is paid.

Rights and Responsibilities of Members

  • Upon admission to the Association, a member shall sign a form agreeing to be bound by the current constitution in force or as amended from time to time.
  • Any ordinary member, fee paying corporate member, honorary member and life member, who is up-to-date and who qualifies his/her obligation has the right to express his/her views and attend all meetings held by the Association. But, the right to Vote, Elect and be elected is reserved for Ordinary Members.
  • Any paid-up member has the right to be informed of the activities of the Association.

The following members shall not have the right to elect or be elected to offices nor to vote. These are:

  • Honorary members
  • Associate members
  • Salaried employees of the Association
  • Life members

Every member shall have only one vote in all meetings. A member can exercise his voting right by proxy at meetings of the General Assembly and at Branch General Assembly. The instrument by which the proxy is appointed shall be in writing, dated and signed by the appointee. A person to be appointed as a proxy must be a member of the General Assembly, as the case may be. Such a member may hold only one proxy.

Obligation of Members
Any member must:-

  • Pay annual membership fee
  • Pay all debts due to him/her when leaves the Association.
  • Contribute towards the fulfillment of the objectives of the Association and must abide by the constitution and by-laws and adhere to the code of ethics of Medical practice.
  • All membership rights are revoked, when a member fails to pay his/her membership dues for two consecutive years.

Termination and Renewal of Membership
Membership shall terminate on the following conditions:

  • When a member dies
  • When a member fails to pay his/her membership dues for 2 (two) consecutive years.
  • When resigns from membership in writing
  • When it is established by the General Assembly that a member has failed to abide by the rules and objectives of the Association.
  • When dismissed by the General Assembly for conduct contrary to the Constitution or dismissed by the Court of Law.
  • When the License of the member is revoked because of fraud contrary to professional ethics.
  • When a member is criminally punished because of scandals/fraud.

If a member who is terminated from membership wants to return back as a member, he/she should apply in writing. Among other issues, the application letter includes payment of all membership fees, and arrears due to the member and that he/she is willing to undertake and sign a form set by the Association for the purpose.
Neither membership subscription nor dues are refunded for a member who resigned or terminated from membership.

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