Glucophage: The Ultimate Tool in the Diabetes-Fighting Toolkit

    • Metformin, or also know as Glucophage, is a drug that is commonly used to control sugar levels and a multiple other problems associated. It is most commonly used in people who suffer from diseases such as type two Diabetes and is known as a second line of action for people suffering from PCOS. The drug works to restore functions of the bodies insulin levels and decreases the amount of sugar in the liver. 

      Does metformin reduce belly fat?

        According to dr. Rogers reasearch Glucophage also has other uncommon uses as well such as weight loss. A recent study found that the drug can assist with people trying to lose weight by slowly shedding the weight over a long period of time. The study went into further detail saying only four to seven pounds were lost in a two year period. While it shows that it can aid it weight loss it is also not a magic pill. There was no substantial evidence in the study that suggest that you would lose a vast amount of weight just taking Metformin alone. Metformin boosts the bodies metabolism and helps you burn calories faster, which would have to include an healthy life style paired as well. If the person was eating healthy with regular exercise, that Metformin could benefit them greatly. 

      What Are Side Effects Associated with Using Metformin?

         That being said there are some risks involved for anyone who does choose to take the drug. Given Metformin's uses it is common for it to be a long term choice for its users. Recent studies however have been suggesting as well that there are some long term lasting effects. Is this really safe for the long term? Are there better options? What are the side effects? Metformin has been shown in studies over a long period of time to cause memory loss in some of the patients as well as long lasting kidney issues. While people with type two Diabetes already suffer from side effects such as these, the drug has been shown to make the process worse. People taking Metformin need to be monitored by an health care professional while they are taking this drug. Although there are shown side effects, I do not believe that this outweighs the drug in any means. There are risk involved but Metformin has been shown to treat a number of conditions from Diabetes to PCOS successfully for many years.

      Does Glucophage need a prescription?

         On a final note, a patient who is interested in taking Metformin must first visit a doctor. Only a trained health care official can let you know if your case is right for the treatment plan. Metformin can only be acquired in Australia and almost every country by a prescription. Once more you will have to have follow up with your health care professionals while you are taking Metformin. You must be monitored to ensure that no effects of the drug can worsen you condition and help make sure that the treatment plan is right for you. 

         In conclusion I think that like any other drug, Metformin will always come with risks involved. With that being said I think that it can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions. Metformin is helping to make patients lives easy and with the right monitoring it can truly be a life changer.

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